Lesson 6

Choosing A Vehicle

To make a life, not just a living, you must align your time and income with a vehicle that will fuel your purpose and passion. What makes a good vehicle? Curt offers ways to evaluate a vehicle for making a life in this video and workbook lesson. In your workbook, you will be given a Vehicle Evaluation that you can use to evaluate a vehicle you are considering.

The Magic Moment of Choice

As we discussed previously, the act of making a life is aligning your time and income to fuel your unique purpose and passion. However, to do this, you need the right vehicle to get there. Have you considered how you will make a life?

For some people, making a life can mean earning extra income to increase their wealth or saving for incredible vacations every year.

For others, the right vehicle needs to replace your current job to generate life-changing income in the future.

But how do you know which vehicle is right to make a life?

In this lesson, I give my best advice for selecting the right vehicle and provide you with a Vehicle Evaluation tool in your workbook to assist you.

To Do:

  • Complete the lesson six activity guide in the workbook
  • Reconnect with the person who shared this course with you

What Vehicle Did We Choose?

After choosing our vehicle, we quickly realized that it wasn’t just a second income but a viable full-time business with massive growth potential. We shared our vision and excitement with our customers, who soon became business partners. Our success made it easy to lead by example, share our wisdom, and help others build a Juice Plus+ business of their own.

Why do Juice Plus+ products sell so easily? This is because it helps people live a healthier life. Every product is produced with premium, farm-fresh ingredients that give your body the natural nourishment it requires.

Watch this video to learn more about why Juice Plus+ was the right vehicle for Curt and Lori.

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