Our Story

In the past 30 years, Curt, Lori, and their daughter Hope have been able to pursue their passion of improving people’s health with their products.

Along the way, they have helped individuals and families pursue their own dreams and passions, find financial freedom and time freedom, and really Make A Life, Not Just A Living!

Biblical Principles

Taking the steps to change our lives for the better, and giving up the living to work mentality doesn’t come without anxiety. But when we find ourselves overwhelmed by the immediately unanswerable questions we can rest easy by looking to the word of God.

Who better to teach us how to live freely in the world but the One who created it. He is bigger than any problem that we face, and with him we have nothing to worry about. Trusting in the word and His plan is the first step in overcoming the initial challenges of making a life.

Connect With Us

God has blessed us with what we call “Relational Capital”—a network of relationships that can take us to places we could never go alone. Having a strong sense of stewardship over our network of friends and family is essential to end the daily grind of living to work.