Are you searching for control?

Your life can be your own.

Our days are made up of a series of somewhat predictable events. We build routines with our families and jobs, usually working long hours, with a commute on top of it all, to benefit someone else. Time passes quickly, and we move along its journey without much of a fight. This is referred to as “chronos,” the ordinary passage of time. It often leaves many of us feeling unfulfilled and wanting to take more control of their lives.

How many moments have you missed?

Don’t Worry! There will be many more!

But life will also present many “kairos” moments. These are events that intersect our normal routine and course of life and present us an opportunity to seize the moment, to take control, and to change our lives for the better. Sometimes these events are joyous, like a birthday, a marriage, or a promotion at work. Sometimes they are just the opposite—a death in the family, a divorce, or a loss of work.

Take a second to visualize some of your significant moments over the years.

Is Today Your Kairos Moment?

Are you ready to Make a Life, not just a living? We have a four-step method to help you.

Step 1: Discover the Life you want to Make

Step 2: Uncover your Why

Step 3: Choose a Vehicle For Success

Step 4: Act with Faith

Connect With Us

God has blessed us with what we call “Relational Capital”—a network of relationships that can take us to places we could never go alone. Having a strong sense of stewardship over our network of friends and family is essential to end the daily grind of living to work.