Everyone Deserves To Make A Life, Not Just A Living!

I love helping people create that path! Whether you want to stay at home with your kids, travel less, make more money, or be available for a calling on your life….. we are trying to discover & make the life God designed for us.

Connect with Curt and Lori

My name is Curt and I am a husband to Lori and dad to 3 amazing children. Early in our marriage, we decided it was important to make the life we desired instead of just making a living and letting it happen. My proactive, get-r’-done mentality has allowed me to help so many and I find my purpose in the pursuit of our God giving me JOY at the highest level. I can help you begin making a life like Lori and I did 30 years ago. Let’s start with a 30 minute phone or video call.

Connect with Hope

In college and sitting in class one day and thinking about my future after school and what life would look like. I looked at my peers a few years ahead of me and what their life was like after graduating. They were working for big companies, nights and weekends, and with long commutes. This did not sound desirable to me at all.

That’s when I took a better look at the amazing business my parents had started over 30 years ago and the great life of freedom and flexibility that it allowed them to have to make a life and design a life they loved for themselves and for our family. I wanted to design a life I loved. If you are like me and have a desire for me out of life and don’t want to settle, let’s connect! I would love to chat with you!