Learn More About Our 2023 Coaching Calls

During the first quarter of 2023, Curt and Hope will host calls near the beginning and end of every month. We believe that it is essential that every month starts well and finishes strong. Our monthly calls will help build habits to that you can carry with you through the year to make 2023 the best year ever.

Managing Your Month Is The Miracle For Managing Your Business (AKA Paycheck)

The Growth Planner

I have wanted a planner just like this for 30 years. Our family has been in business for 30 years, but I have not had the tool to help me focus on making sure that I worked a month hard. Because you know what? The month is the moneymaker. I learned that very early in our business that I had to manage my month in order to create the paycheck to fuel the life our family wanted to make for ourselves.

The Growth Planner focuses on the relationships you nuture every day. It’s not meant to replace your calendar. It is made to become a focused and intentional method in your daily business planning to put relationships first. Are you ready to manage your month?

A Monthly Practice For Growth

Manage your month with daily focus on relationships, tasks, and goal setting.

Monthly Pages

Manage your month through identifying key prospects, planning big rocks, and evaluating the previous month’s impact.

Weekly Planning

A high-level view of your week utilizing a Growth Strategy that puts people first.

Daily Plan

Plant, nurture, and harvest in your business daily by investing in your relational capital.

Videos For Getting Started