Start Organizing Your Relational Capital

We believe that business success isn’t just about selling products or services – it’s about building meaningful relationships with our customers, partners, and community. That’s why we place a high value on “relational capital” – the intangible assets from investing in and nurturing these relationships.

The Memory Jogger isn’t something new. It could be a simple as a list on a legal pad, but with the power of a spreadsheet, you can maximize your impact with the ability to share with mentors, prioritize with intention, and stay organized to manage your business effectively,

Use the ‘Who Do I Know’ Category Cheat Sheet

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The Memory Jogger

In the workshop, Curt will share about his three-decade experience using a memory jogger – the easiest method for organizing your relational capital. During the session, he will walk you through his daily practice and provide principles to guide you as you set up a memory jogger for the first time. We will also be releasing out new Memory Jogger built in Google Sheets.