Lesson 4

Assess The Present

It’s time to consider the situation you’re in right now. Our goal in this lesson is to determine if you are thriving, struggling, or drifting through life. We want to see you live a thriving life where your income and career fuel your purpose and passion.

What Does It Mean To Thrive?

I love helping people struggling to find purpose and meaning in their work every day. Making a life is about being intentional with your career goals and how you want to spend your time. It’s not about wealth; even though that is a hopeful outcome, it’s about living a life you are proud to live.

Much of this work is grounded in our Thriving Matrix tool:

The workbook activity for this lesson is designed to help you reflect on the present moment. It might be hard to put yourself into a particular category. That is okay! Sometimes we move in and out of different quadrants, but it’s important to identify where you are.

To Do:

  • Complete the activity for lesson four in the workbook
  • Complete the action plan
  • Reconnect with the person that sent you this course