Lesson 5

Confronting Your Confidence

There will be times in your journey when you might doubt your ability to make a life. It is completely normal when you begin to take the reigns of your life, but most people don’t plan for it. In this lesson, we explore the 4 C’s of confidence and invite you to reflect upon your own confidence in your workbook.

Confidence Isn’t Always Consistent

Do you remember our conversation about Confidence River in lesson two? There will be a time when you will need to remind yourself about why you are on this journey. You will need courage, character, commitment, and community to see through the process. Most people don’t consider the moments when their confidence might falter. It will happen! We want you to be ready when it does.

In this lesson in your workbook, we want you to reflect on your self-confidence in order to prepare for those moments when making a life seems hard.

To Do:

  • Complete the lesson five activity in the workbook

Looking for a Community to Support Your Make a Life Journey?

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