Lesson 2

The Four Principles

In this foundational lesson, Curt discusses the four timeless principles that are the bedrock of making a life, not just a living. These principles have matured over time as the Beavers have created life-changing incomes for their family and others.

Four Timeless Principles

Rules come and go, but principles never get old. Most of my life is based on those quiet moments I get every morning to focus on God and less on myself. It’s during these times when I am engaging with Scripture that I uncover principles that changed who I am. One of those we don’t mention in the video is, “Faith carries a shovel.” There are people out there who randomly encounter life-changing purposes, but it’s not the norm. Most people have to seek the wisdom of God, others, and their own story to understand their purpose and passion. This is the task ahead of you.

We have four timeless principles that form the foundation of what it means to make a life.

1. Pursuing your purpose

2. Stop trading hours for dollars

3. Act on opportunity

4. Commit to grit

With the help of these principles, we believe you’ll be able to examine the situation you’re in right now and take the next move.

To Do:

  • Complete the activity guide for lesson two in the workbook