Lesson 1

Getting Started

What if you could stop trading hours for dollars for a job or career that fuels your life purpose? This is what Let’s Make A Life Together is designed to do. In this seven-part course, participants will be given the tools and resources to move from surviving in their 9-5 to thriving in a life they love.

Be Real. Be Honest

Getting started is one of the hardest parts of a new adventure. Often when we talk about starting something new, we immediately recall that first experience. But what about the night before or the moment when it all started? Having the guts even to consider change is just as hard as the first day of doing something new.

We are fans of biblical principles at Make A Life. The moment you are in right now is a mustard seed moment. There is a parable in which Jesus told his followers about faith using a mustard seed as an example. If you haven’t seen a mustard seed before, it’s really, really small. Imagine if this tiny seed could develop into a massive tree and create something with hundreds of uses. That is where you are. A mustard seed moment with unlimited potential.

We’ve all been in that moment staring at the small seed of an idea in our hands. Can it really yield a life of purpose and meaning? At this moment, it’s important to get real and be honest about your dreams and your desires.

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