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A 7-Part Course Guiding You
To Make a Life, Not Just a Living.

Watch the introductory lesson introducing to the course and what to expect as we help you Make A Life together.

Let’s Make a Life Together

Are you ready to make a life not just a living? Curt’s introductory course helps anyone who is ready to take the reigns on their own life. In this 7-Part series, you will:

  • Learn timeless principles rooted in wisdom and foundational to both business and life
  • Be challenged to seize significant moments in life that accelerate, increase, and capture opportunities for living the life you desire 
  • Assess your present reality being challenged reflect, plan, and act in a way that creates momentum in life
  • Confront your self-confidence considering your courage, character, commitment, and community.
  • Explore and discover a vehicle that fits your plan for making a life, not just a living.
  • Connect with Curt and his family to learn more about ways Make a Life can help you pursue your passion.

All of this is provided to you for free.

Pursue Your Passion

Do you know your why? Does your life free you up to pursue it? Or do you feel stuck or trapped by your 9-5?

Stop Trading Hours For Dollars

Are you Thriving or Surviving? We believe that too many people spin their wheels from pay check to paycheck. What if there was a better way to work?

Act on Opportunity

Don’t wait for the right time, seize the moment by understanding your present reality and making a plan to take hold of your life today.

Commit To Grit

When life lives you too much is left on the table. Living a life of purpose takes intention, commitment, and resilience. Living like this forges a more fruitful life through perserverance.


A Timeless Principle

Life is a mission. Each of us has been given particular skills, assets, opportunities, and relationships to fulfill that mission. We feel a unique passion for certain people or to respond to particular opportunities. In the book, we also meet a cast of characters who’ve made the decision to step off the treadmill of trading hours for dollars, and what they do to keep their lives more free and meaningful. Purchase the book, and other Make A Life products below, and begin your journey to a life of
greater freedom.

Our Family’s Story

In the past 30 years, Curt, Lori, and their daughter Hope have been able to pursue their passion of improving people’s health with their products.

Along the way, they have helped individuals and families pursue their own dreams and passions, find financial freedom and time freedom, and really Make A Life, Not Just A Living!

Our Vehicle

Make a Healthy Life

Our family has helped build businesses in +20 countries, all 50 states, and have given hundreds of families the tools and guidance to earn life-changing income.



Connect With Us

Is today a moment of opportunity calling you to do more with your life today? We would like to connect for 30 minutes to hear your story and share with you how we can help.