Foundations for Making a Life

Lesson, Habits, And Timeless Principles For Making A Life

One of our passsion is equipping entreprenuers and business owners with content to help them make the life they want. Our courses below are free for you to use and share. All you have to do is create an account and you will have access to all our resources.

Are you ready to make a life not just a living? Curt’s introductory course helps anyone who is ready to take the reigns on their own life.

Learn to use our Growth Planner to scale your business through leveraging your relational capital. Hope and Curt guide you through every step of planning your growth month to month.

One of Curt’s favorite mantras is, “The month is the money maker.” This training is about maximizing your impact over a monthly cycle and planning for growth. These principles are a fantastic complement to the Growth planner.

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