I Call Shotgun Book Coming April 30th

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March 27, 2019

I Call Shotgun Book Coming April 30th

I Call Shotgun

I Call ShotgunI Call Shotgun makes the passing down of traditional values and timeless truths easy and productive. With this book in your hands, you will now have an organized playbook and clear talking points for systematically communicating the things that matter most to the young men that matter most to you.

These sixty-three hard-hitting and undiluted life lessons present the “street smarts” and practical wisdom every son needs but few receive. You will find this book to be a thought stimulator, checklist, lesson guide, and inspirational handbook all rolled into one. We hope it becomes a legacy resource that empowers you to transfer your real-life values and convictions for the purpose of influencing generations to come.

We hope these words to our own sons will be an encouragement for you as you strive to raise godly sons; young men who are more inspired and capable of influencing the world around them, rather than being influenced by it.

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