Finding the Right Business Part 6

Finding the Right Business Part 5
June 20, 2020
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July 11, 2020

Finding the Right Business Part 6

Finding the Right Business Part 6 – Make Sure You Don’t Bump Your Head
When your job has a ceiling over your head it’s hard to stay motivated to grow.

In a traditional business model, job security may also come with a ceiling of opportunity. If you excel at your job does your income accelerate with your performance? Usually, that comes if the position above you is vacated. When will that happen?

In order for you to operate with energy and passion and give it your all, there must be a win in it for you too. People want security and freedom. They need a place to grow, not just a place to securely stay put.

You will always face a ceiling of opportunity if you go it alone. When you can build an army and it’s limitations become your’s, the sky is the limit.

You must find an opportunity that is limited only by you. You must have a product that nobody has that everyone needs. Nobody has the shiny new bulldozer, but does everyone need it. Everybody needs soap, but don’t they already have that? It must be unique, meet a need and available no where else.

This creates an unlimited income opportunity. Build an army to join you on that mission and you will determine the heights to which you can climb.

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