Finding the Right Business Part 2

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June 16, 2020
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June 18, 2020

Finding the Right Business Part 2

Finding the Right Business Part 2 – What Are You Excited About

Is there something you are just totally pumped about right now. Have you recently been awakened to a problem and found a solution? It’s a story you’d tell the world?

Our world has a habit of resting until we aren’t exhausted instead of making sure that we rest in order to seize the day (carpe diem). When you wake up to “go to work” does that excite you? When what you do feels like it is also in alignment with your passion, that “seize the day” mentality is naturally present. You will put rest first so that you can go after what you desire. Even though you want a paycheck, it won’t be the thing that continues to fuel you for long. Pursuing your “purpose” will eternally charge your batteries!

A title, position, paycheck, or power will never be a destiny that satisfies. It is only temporary. Satisfaction and contentment will come when we get to operate within our passion. It can make you the next “energizer bunny”.

There are many things to get excited about but nothing more than identifying a problem and solving it. Lori and I were so pumped about our life together as a young married couple. Our life was ahead of us. The world wanted to put us into its normal model. Get a degree, get a job, get married, buy a house, fund retirement, and start a family. Then throw your resume out there and move up a notch. We saw it differently. We wanted to be in control of how that happened. The ability to make choices with our time, travel, home, schools, church, and relationships seemed more important than the job, but we still had bills to pay. So we were very frustrated.

Our frustration actually became the impetus to find the solution. We realized for things to change, we had to change. We knew the life we wanted to build. Now, let’s find the right vehicle to get us there. Our desire to get on this track fueled every business we considered. The right vehicle for us though had to be very low start-up without a low ceiling of opportunity. We were on a mission of prayer and pursuit. There was a perfect fit somewhere, but we had to find it.

Timing, media-driven, work from home, and stability were a few of our criteria. We had to be all in or it wouldn’t work. If we were going to “go for it” it had to be stable. Our future was too important to take too much risk. I guess you could say we were scared and excited at the same time. We had to be sure.

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