Finding the Right Business Part 1

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March 27, 2019
Finding the Right Business Part 2
June 17, 2020

Finding the Right Business Part 1

Finding the Right Business Part 1 – Define the Life You Desire First

We are each wired with unique talents, skills, goals, and most importantly PURPOSE. When two are married they also have purpose together. Find it and pursue it! The most unhappy person is one without purpose.

It is very difficult to just grab the highest paying job, the most recent deal presented or 100% use your degree and be able to pursue your God-given purpose. This comes from putting “making a living” before “making a life”. When we started our business that was our frustration! There was a purpose, why, “LIFE” we wanted to create, but what we did to make a living competed with that dream. Money was a part of funding that life, but there was so much more that more money wouldn’t solve. It was time, choices, availability to what was important, and more than money alone just couldn’t buy. The commute, the cubicle, and a computer just weren’t enough. The goal of funding a 401K or retirement to enjoy 30 years later seemed like a life wasted with a paycheck driven mentality.

That life for us was Lori at home being able to be the best mom ever. She didn’t want to be in an office every day, and we didn’t want our kids without both of us for 40+ hours per week. It wasn’t actually big money at all, just what did we need on a residual basis to bring her home. Because our belief was limited in our new venture, hitting that first small goal and getting her home built our belief. We also celebrated a victory when she was able to quit after the first month. It was a special celebration, not of the paycheck, but what that did towards our dreams.

There’s way more to come in the additional articles, but ….I even wrote a book about this very topic. You can get your copy at! Looking at tomorrow and identifying the life you want to create will instill the discipline needed today to make it happen. Your business should be the foundation to support making a life and never let making a living be your sole pursuit.

My friend Tommy Newberry said it best:

“Tomorrow changes Today!”

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