Lesson 3

Seize The Moment

There are moments in our lives that change things forever. In this lesson, Curt gives us a bit of a history lesson looking at how the ancient Greeks noted the difference between day-to-day time and the moments that are transformational. In this session, we believe it it time for you reflect upon your life in order to identify Kairos moments.

Kairos Moments

If you send any time with Curt, you will quickly hear about the concept of Kairos moments. These are the moments in life that change our lives forever. They take us on to new journeys, open networkds, and leave us radically different people.

This lesson takes some time, so get ready! We invite you to download the workbook activity on the right and the Discovering Kairos Moments worksheet as well.

Find about 90 minutes on your schedule and start by watching this video that dives deeper into kairos moments:

Next, complete the Workbook Activity using your Discovering Kairos Moments worksheet.

To Do:

  • Complete Lesson 3 Workbook Activity Guide
  • Complete the Discovering Kairos worksheet